WiFi hacking has long been a favorite pastime of hackers, penetration testers, and people too cheap to pay for their own Internet connection. And there are plenty of targets out there for would-be hackers and war drivers to go after—just launch a WiFi scanner app in any residential neighborhood or office complex, and you're bound to find an access point that's either wide open or protected by weak encryption. Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you're the one looking for free WiFi), those more blatant security holes are going away through attrition as people upgrade to newer routers or network administrators hunt down vulnerabilities and stomp them out. But as one door closes, another opens.

I have just released a new tool at http://projects.jason-rush.com/buffer-overflow-eip-offset-string-generator that is a web equivalent of the Metasploit, pvefindaddr, and Mona scripts: pattern_create and pattern_offset.

This tool is to help find how far into a Buffer Overflow exploit string your return address needs to be in order to overwrite EIP successfully.

I appreciate any comments, suggestions, thoughts, etc...

Jason Rush

Some people seem to be confused by what Roothack is so I wanted to start this post by explaining it a little bit. Roothack.org is hacker lab where we bring you multiple environments and levels that will teach you the basics of hacking, or exploitation if you will. We recently just facelifted the entire project and it is continuing to gain users weekly.

We've been working on this for quite sometime and we will continue to work on it for quite sometime. Some changes may occur, the site maybe offline line, from time to time, but we will do our best to keep things up and operation. This new system should be us a tremendous amount of flexibility to do just that. We hope you enjoy.

Hack3r has been getting quite a lot of hits lately and in the interest of future development we have decided to upgrade Hack3r.com to Drupal 7. We've removed a lot of the functionality from the website in the process that was pertaining to Roothack so currently Roothack is offline until further notice.

We've completely rebuilt it from the ground up so we can manage our Roothack content a bit better and we hope that people will enjoy what we are soon about to offer. For now, just stay tuned.