The team wargames signup will go live tomorrow. You'll be able to see it on the My account page when we turn it on. These team wargames are nothing like we have done before. You will be tasked with many challenges and even obstacles to get on to your box. The first round of these games begin Friday the 20th, (1 week away). Teams can only consist of 4 people. All of the rules will be released mid-week and we are only taking a total of 4 teams. If for some reason we feel the need to add a 5th team based on popularity, then we will.

Maintenance has concluded and DNS's should be resolving everywhere with the new IPs.

If you cannot resolve any of our hostnames like or, try adding to your /etc/resolv.conf

A few things we changed were:
Added more visible blocks to homepage
Switched over to a new host.
Fixed log formats for sirens.
Updated Lux (the 1u server)
Cleaned up Sirens and Snapshot

Soooo, s0kket and I finally fixed up the labs, images will be posted tomorrow.
The solo based wargames are back online and can be found here

Team based information can be found here

More information will be posted soon as to other updates and fun things. Thanks for waiting, if you have any questions hop on IRC or ask in the forums.

At last is proud to announce a revolutionary rootwars game. That’s right a new war-game for the new year. I wish I could tell you more but the game developers are being really secretive. They will not even tell me. But they do promise it’s going to be unlike anything seen on the internet today. The last game on May, 16th was a stalemate. Although the logs and whitepapers ( were a great read.

As many of you know, I've been working on a project I've dubbed Project Hijack. It injects code into another process during runtime (a practice known as Runtime Process Infection, or RPI). I've been working quite slowly on it for over a year and almost have it ready for a pre-beta preview release. I have one thing left to do. I hope to release it within the next one to two weeks.