Now that the wargames setup is now complete, I'll be continuing work on Project Hijack. Right now, I'm working on converting the base code to a shared object. As I do that, I'm also working on making it more friendly with 64bit (it won't be tested at all in 64bit). By making the base functionality a shared object, I will be able to use it in further projects, such as a planned per-process IDS/IPS.

I hope to release version 0.2 at Defcon.

UPDATE: For some reason this post gets SEO sooo leaving here for that reason only.
Not really looking for any drupal help anymore :P

Im looking for a developer or two to help me out with Drupal related Tasks for

Things keep piling up that I want to do, and I have work, and there is just a lot.

First thing I want someone to do is very simple, add into the Roothack Teams module the ability to send mail, and subscribe to updates regarding team information.

Since I finished the last box in the wargames suite today, we are now fully ready to launch the team wargames April 10th. We are really excited for this round as players race the clock to beat their opponents.

Sirens, the solo games, will be back online on Wednesday, 25 March 2009. Sirens has been down for upgrades to enhance robustness. Sorry for any inconvenience. Sirens is on the same physical server as the team games. We will try to keep Sirens up during the team games.

We encourage all to participate in both the team games and Sirens.

A short ramble on Hack3r/Roothack's Past, Present, and Future
By Jason Rush aka AkSnowman

Well, s0kket and I decided this morning to postpone the team games. They are 100% done we just need time to test and make sure these are done right. This is so that you have the best experience possible. We are also waiting on a bit of hardware so that our server can handle the 15 vm's that will be up. The team signup will go live on Friday(instead of last Monday), and you will have about 2 weeks to prepare your team. Check back Friday at noon PST to sign up your team or as a free-agent. First come first serve.