I'm proud to announce the release of Project Hijack 0.2. It's available as a shared library for easy integration with current and new projects. Libhijack 0.2 makes injecting arbitrary code incredibly easy. 32bit Linux systems are supported. 64bit Linux systems are mostly supported, with one known bug.

I've been working on this version for the past few months and am excited to see this project take off. I'll be working on fixing the 64bit bug (and will probably release 0.2.1 with the fix) then move on to injecting other shared objects, rather than just shellcode.

Now that the wargames setup is now complete, I'll be continuing work on Project Hijack. Right now, I'm working on converting the base code to a shared object. As I do that, I'm also working on making it more friendly with 64bit (it won't be tested at all in 64bit). By making the base functionality a shared object, I will be able to use it in further projects, such as a planned per-process IDS/IPS.

I hope to release version 0.2 at Defcon.

Since I finished the last box in the wargames suite today, we are now fully ready to launch the team wargames April 10th. We are really excited for this round as players race the clock to beat their opponents.

Sirens, the solo games, will be back online on Wednesday, 25 March 2009. Sirens has been down for upgrades to enhance robustness. Sorry for any inconvenience. Sirens is on the same physical server as the team games. We will try to keep Sirens up during the team games.

We encourage all to participate in both the team games and Sirens.

As many of you know, I've been working on a project I've dubbed Project Hijack. It injects code into another process during runtime (a practice known as Runtime Process Infection, or RPI). I've been working quite slowly on it for over a year and almost have it ready for a pre-beta preview release. I have one thing left to do. I hope to release it within the next one to two weeks.

So, today I discovered Nexuiz. Nexuiz is an open-source first person shooter, based on the Quake3 engine. Well, someone a few days ago mentioned it in irc (maybe rpag?). I installed it today and was really impressed by it.

We're going to set up a dedicated Nexuiz server. I would like to hold a Hack3r-sponsored game the weekend before Defcon (the 1st of August) to get us all in the mood for Defcon. What does everyone think?