A short ramble on Hack3r/Roothack's Past, Present, and Future
By Jason Rush aka AkSnowman

I had a little free time today and started talking to Ocyrus a bit. While we were talking, I started thinking about hack3r/roothack's history since I've joined the community (around aug 2004, nearest I can remember) and our current direction.
While there are some things that I think could have been done better, and are things (and people) I will miss, I am extremely happy with our current direction.
Since I first wandered in to hack3r's IRC, there have been many ups and downs. IRC has been down many times (once for several months), the website has been down, lost, rewritten and redesigned several times, and much content (presumably, though someone might have archives somewhere) unfortunately lost.
However, for the first time since I've joined the community we have IRC up very consistently, a *very* nice website, multiple types of wargames (the solo games which help teach us, and the new games I've heard so much about that will give us the experience to be useful), and while the forum community has yet to really take off, it has at least not been hit by any spam and overall has good quality posts, and the IRC community has been thriving.
Since the solo games have been brought back online, the community has been slowly growing again, and with the new team games coming online within the next month (or two), our name should get back out there again.

Thanks to:

Robert Allinson AKA EPiC - I only wish I knew him longer, had gotten to know him better. May his name and contributions be remembered here forever.
Everybody in IRC that hangs out and talks.
Those I never had the chance to meet, and those to come.


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