At last is proud to announce a revolutionary rootwars game. That’s right a new war-game for the new year. I wish I could tell you more but the game developers are being really secretive. They will not even tell me. But they do promise it’s going to be unlike anything seen on the internet today. The last game on May, 16th was a stalemate. Although the logs and whitepapers ( were a great read. Some inside speculation around h3c is that a lot of effort has went into making sure this game is not a stalemate and a challenge to anyone playing. More over each game has been more interesting than the last, this one is sure to be a blowout. So here we go everyone, all teams interested will need to mail us an application. This application should include the handle of all team members and a short essay, explaining why your team should be included in this game. Mail those over to We look forward to reading your applications, and when we decide which teams will be included you will receive an email from the roothack staff. If you have any questions you can find at least one of us on IRC at anytime.


I can't wait :)

If everything goes as well as it is being planned; I would have to say this is the most interesting and intense wargame I have ever seen. This one will set the standards for future games.

Y'all are doing a great job! Much gratitude to S0kket!

accepting the appearance of egocentrism, but stalemate? owning just one team is stalemate? we would have gotten eps and lattera as well, if ocyrus hadn't ended the game.

Please don't try to explain me for games.