As many of you know, I've been working on a project I've dubbed Project Hijack. It injects code into another process during runtime (a practice known as Runtime Process Infection, or RPI). I've been working quite slowly on it for over a year and almost have it ready for a pre-beta preview release. I have one thing left to do. I hope to release it within the next one to two weeks.

One great feature Project Hijack has is a small integrated debugger. You can step through the code and check registers and print data to the console. Prior to release, I will be writing documentation about how to use the tool. Eventually, I'll be writing documentation for Hack3r detailing the inner workings of the tool.

The project can be found here (opens in new window).


Project Hijack 0.1-beta has been released! The bug was found and fixed thanks to the crew at OverTheWire.

Head to my site to check it out :)

Well done! About time you finished something!(joke :P)