Welcome to the new hack3r.com. While it may seem like things have been getting slow to some, Hack3r.com and Roothack.org still see a combined average of 400 hits a day from all over the world. Which means people are still coming to us to get information and play in RH's only online game that is up at the moment, The Sirens.

Eps, dbag and I have sat down multiple times over the past couple of months attempting to figure out what H3C and RH were and where it is going to go. We want the old hack3r.com back! We want the tutorials, texts and help to be as open and available as possible, because it is something we ourselves need.

We are setting up a lot of new and exciting things. Roothack.org is currently being built as we speak and when it is done, whenever that may be, it will make the learning process much easier to manage. For those who don't know, Hack3r.com is separate from Roothack.org. Roothack.org's primary purpose is to be our lab for testing as well as the central hub for all of the games available to this community. Hack3r.com is a site, sister to Roothack.org that is mainly for communication, networking, and presenting information to the world that we discover from testing and learning. Whether we are learning from roothack, Smasthestak or whatever, it is all here as a tool for all of us to help better our knowledge. So lets get straight to the point.

The first thing about the old site was that it was usable, it was full of diverse information that you could easily find and read. Our (recently new) old site wasn't doing that for us. I apologize for the decision to use a layout that just didn't work. We wanted a site that looked professional but it just never fell together, it never clicked. We went back to the drawing board and came up with this layout which you now see. Among the new layout, heres a couple of features.

  • Markdown is now available as an input format.
  • User profile pages now feature statistics on that user.
  • More streamlined menu system
  • Forums that are actually navigable
  • Overall much cleaner interface

Content should now be incredibly easy to add, find, and read.
If there are any issues that you see with this site, please help us out, and post something over here http://hack3r.com/forums/bugs

The next iteration of hack3r.com will be Tutorials/Videos that allow H3C members the ability to create rich content that is freely available. Got a nice hack you want to show off? Record it, then upload it to Hack3r.com and its there for people to learn from or even just gawk at.

We've spent a lot of time building things to move things forward and this is just the beginning.

Keep your faith, stay tuned, things really are coming.

P.S. We hope you like it.


Its great that you are setting up new and exciting things.
New era is very essential because changes are necessary in every field.

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