Over the past couple of years, Roothack.org has been using Vmware Workstation to handle its wargames. We've built up quite a few machines and its getting pretty annoying having to take snapshots for people, revert their boxes, or even install a new OS. It requires us to manually use the vmware gui(pictured below) which has been getting the job done.

Theres just a couple problems. If other admins wanted to use this interface, they would have to VNC in, which is in itself, pretty annoying depending on your bandwidth. During a wargame weekend, people are asking all the time for reverts and snapshots etc, we cant give them access to the host OS. Epic and I had been discussing building an interface to manage all of these VM's. It was a dream of his for awhile but we never really got around to it.

Eps and I last weekend sat down and built an entire API on top the vmware command line interface, vmrun.

So now, anyone will be able to write an interface for it. The API will become available to a certain few over the next couple of months, and eventually anyone will be able to apply for what is essentially developer status. There will be an official interface in web form, and desktop form(for all platforms(see Air))

Just to make sure things we working correctly, and to have a little fun, I wrote an iPhone interface for it.

The sirens are expected to be back up, at the beginning of the new year.