April 10th is finally here. The team wargames are ready to go. We still have not been able to determine if we can handle all of the 5 teams signed up, but we can guarantee 4 teams. We have a few heatsinks to try hopefully one of them works. We're asking the captains to be on IRC around 8 PM Pacific. We will have about an hour or so to chat and welcome everyone to the games, prepare your challenge package per team, and then we will begin.

Sometime prior to the beginning of the game we will ask all captains to signup for this particular game, I know that technically you signed up, but we've made a few changes to architecture of how the website will handle teams, and we would like to provide an extensible method for moving forward. This way, teams can stay together, or move apart, keep badges of honor(wins of past wargames), and signup for games, or choose to opt out. We will provide more details on all those aspects in the future, and as we turn those features on.

For now, lets get excited about this game. I hope everyone enjoys the new way we are playing these. I encourage anyone not playing to come hang out in #roothack/#chat on our IRC, drink some beers with us, and enjoy weekend of fun and games.


Team Cybersecks shotguns to be one of those 4 teams xD

For the sack. ;)

Good luck to everyone!