Well, s0kket and I decided this morning to postpone the team games. They are 100% done we just need time to test and make sure these are done right. This is so that you have the best experience possible. We are also waiting on a bit of hardware so that our server can handle the 15 vm's that will be up. The team signup will go live on Friday(instead of last Monday), and you will have about 2 weeks to prepare your team. Check back Friday at noon PST to sign up your team or as a free-agent. First come first serve. 4 Teams in total with 1 free agent team built at the end, based on first come first serve free agents. Team Captains will have the ability to pick up free-agents, so if you want a free agent I suggest leaving a spot blank on your team, and gnabbing them when they sign up. Once again, very sorry for the delay in the Team Based Wargames, but don't fret, they will go up soon enough. As for the Sirens, well, we had some unfortunate events where our kernel was vulnerable. Were upgrading everything as I type this message, and they will be back online very very soon. s0kket and I both have a ton of things coming up over the next few weeks so this was just a better decision for us. The Sirens getting back up is our top priority. The Team Based Games are being tested sporadically until we hit our new launch date, April 10th.


Couple more fixes, check back at 1-2o clock. Sorry, want to make sign up best it can be.

Ok signups are up.