Sirens will be up for the time being however I may turn them off from time to time to move things around and get ready for the new launch of As always, stay tuned.

The Sirens will be down for the weekend as eps and I do some much needed work on the API. :)

Stay tuned.

I just wanted to let people know of some other things Ive been working on, you know, to get the word out there.

For the past year Ive been building a log file viewer specifically for OS X called survlog. You can find it here It handles local and remote log file viewing. Read more after the picture :)

I know it wasn't scheduled or anything, but the sirens will be down at max until Saturday while we work on some upgrades to hardware, and prepare for our new system. Will keep you posted on this thread. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

EDIT : They are back online.

Over the past couple of years, has been using Vmware Workstation to handle its wargames. We've built up quite a few machines and its getting pretty annoying having to take snapshots for people, revert their boxes, or even install a new OS. It requires us to manually use the vmware gui(pictured below) which has been getting the job done. irc is at

You can now add tutorials. YOu can either upload a file(40megs), and/or you can upload a screencast/video from near any format which goes onto cdn2. Very Cool stuff. Ill be working on getting a system setup so you can easily find them, and then well get a link added to the right side of the page. Its a simple view, except that its late, and I have two site launches this week. If you have any problems, send feedback.

IRC went through some maintenance and the box is now horribly unstable. Ill be converting hack3r IRC over to a new server sometime tonight. Itll be intermittent until then sorry folks :(

Post on the forums some :)

April 10th is finally here. The team wargames are ready to go. We still have not been able to determine if we can handle all of the 5 teams signed up, but we can guarantee 4 teams. We have a few heatsinks to try hopefully one of them works. We're asking the captains to be on IRC around 8 PM Pacific. We will have about an hour or so to chat and welcome everyone to the games, prepare your challenge package per team, and then we will begin.

I have updated the Team games information, and it can be seen from the games -> Teams -> Team Information tab.

Check it out, and get ready.