I'm working on an IRC bot at the moment, and there is really far too much to do all by myself, so I'd really appreciate some help if you have the spare time. The bot is written for ruby 1.8, it is plugin based, and has an API that the plugins use. If you'd like to help writing plugins(which is made very easy), checkout http://svn.hack3r.com/ircbot/trunk/plugins/nickserv/main.rb as an example plugin. If you want to work on the API, parser or other stuff, just checkout http://svn.hack3r.com/ircbot/trunk/libraries/ - all the stuff in there is what makes the backend tick. Appreciate help if you have the time, doesn't matter about skill level - all are welcome, hit me up to get commit rights to the repo - im on irc under the alias 'rpag'. No documentation exists right now, but we can talk about that on IRC one-to-one. XML knowledge will help.

Run 'svn checkout http://svn.hack3r.com/ircbot' to get a working copy. I'd like to work towards stable_1.0, and then releasing a gem to make it easily and readyily available for everyone.

Look forward to hearing from you

Just an update, I've moved the bot source over to github in the hope that more people might contribute. http://www.github.com/robgleeson/rb_bot is the URL now.

I'm not really active on this project anymore, and i don't think the git repository is still there, but it might still be up on svn if you want to check it out.

Why is it dead?

I haven't really been on H3C IRC that much lately, and I don't really have a place to use it outside of H3C IRC.