I have a list of projects that I currently need help with.
Get with the leads if you are interested in helping

Scorebot: This is a scorebot for the regular rootwars games.
Lead: Lattera
Other: Being coded in C. Realize if you help on this project you wont be able to play in its initial release.

Website: This is the hack3r/roothack website project.
Lead: ocyrus
Other: This project is an ongoing project that has no finish date. I need people to help me come up with new ideas of interacting with the site for end users, and better ways of displaying content, and getting news out there.

New Wargame: This is a new wargame we are bringing to the table.
Lead: s0kket
Other: This probably doesnt need much help, but I though it should be listed.

New Wargame x2: This wargame will be catered to solve our rootwars stalemate dilema.
Lead: ocyrus
Other: I cant give a way too many details unless you want to help, but the key here is, everyone is on the same OS, running vuln software.

If you have any ideas for projects you wish to lead, post them here or email me and we can discuss it.

Well a big way you can add to the site is by adding the scorebot as a block module using some sort of XML translation. Scorebot outputs XML which can be transported to the webserver and from there translated to block format for local website display. This allows up to a set time of updates or triggered updates of the actual score.