So just out of curiosity whats everyone running and why? I'm not asking for any dissing on any systems just why you run what you do.

I run ubuntu and currently getting a gentoo box up.

I do game development on my ubuntu machine and plan on using gentoo for security uses.

Ubuntu Desktop 8.04 amd64
Ubuntu Server 8.04
Win2k3 Server
WinXP Pro (virtualized)
Windows Vista (virtualized)

right now Im running
Ubuntu 8 x86
Ubuntu 8 x64
WinXP Pro

right now I use win XP and Debian on all my boxes.
eventually I'd like to get a good box and have VMs of various other OS's to play around with, but for the time being these 2 are the most useful/functional for my needs. Also, I think ubuntu runs very slow, lol.

openSuSE 10.3 (x86_64)
ubuntu 8.04 (i386)
OSX 10.5
Winxp (vm)
Win2k3 (vm)

Wiping Ubuntu box and installing Gentoo sometime in the next few days.

I'm thinking about downgrading to Ubuntu 7.10. Ubuntu 8.04 seems to be really buggy for me.

I currently run:
Debian etch
Ubuntu Hardy Heron
OpenBSD 4.3
Windows XP

Hardy Heron works like a dream here.

OSX(10.5.2) running Parallels for my VM's. I have WinXP, Win2K3, and SPLAT running in the VM's.
I also have an Ubuntu 7.x.

I'm running OS X 10.5.2 on my iMac, MBP and ATV. With Arch, NetBSD, XP Pro (for IDA), and the occasional BackTrack Virtual Machine under VMWare Fusion.

I run Debian with XFCE and e17 on my old HP Laptop.

Ubuntu 8.04 = main desktop
Slackware 12.0 = testing machine
debian 4.0r3 = file server (NFS)

ubuntu 8.04 as of right now is ok. I've only just recently upgraded so I haven't had the time to test it thoroughly. If anything I've had more problems with the firefox beta than the actual os.

I'll soon be upgrading the slack machine to 12.1

I don't know which [Reply] button to use, either...

laptop: Gentoo Linux - for hacking/coding
desktop: Archlinux (perhaps soon to change to Gentoo?) - for desktopy stuff.
server: FreeBSD - file server, mainly. and any other type of temporary server I need at any given time.

Main: fbsd 7 bc, easy to maintain, stable, and they give the source for every thing
Lappy: Fedora 7, supported wireless and makes working at school easier
16 Node Beowulf (ppc): Striped down bare bones fedora 7, didn't have a choice ( and reason for lappy )
8 Node Beowulf (x86_64/x86 mixed): Not so striped down fedora 7 install, again had no choice..
Mac/Media Box: OS X 10.4.2

Hmm i dual boot Windows XP SP2 and ubuntu linux 8.04 and for everything but gaming i think linux is excellent, or even better. solaris, well ive had difficulty installing it off like 5 cd's or somethin so i havnt tested it out yet. out of using and trying out windows 95, NT 4.0, 98, 98SE, 2000 pro, 2000 server, 2003 R2 Enterprise server, winxp corporate, xp pro sp2 and windows vista ultimate, fedora 8, ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04, i think fedora 8 and ubuntu 8.04 is the best outta all of them.

I use Arch Linux as a desktop Operating System(OS) and for programming development, it works like a charm for me.

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Add NetBSD to that list :D

win xp, im lazy and cheap, with vmware running either slackware or ubuntu or both, maybe fedora sometimes. game and any windows dev code on xp. service hosting, base code or specific libraries usually end up on linux. ive never found a real reason to run any bsd or other distros, supposed to have better designed kernels and resource management but never found a need for that over library support.

could some one please tell me if i am right

i have a copy of unbunto and i tried to instal from boot but it wont let me is it beacuse i am using a dual core ????? seen the boot process then goes on sticks
or is that the way that ubunto goes?????????

currently running gentoo on my desktop for web usage and studying. old compaq nx9600 runs gentoo as well but that's for programming and security.


I recently coverted to Arch Linux. I was dual-booting ubuntu 8.04/windows vista and started to lose the interest I once held for running linux. Ubuntu is great for what it is, but for someone who is interested in customizing an OS to a t, it doesnt make the cut. Arch seemed like the way to go. It has excellect package management options, remains up to date (sometimes to a fault), and only runs what you install. It took me 3 days to get it running where I want it, and it was worth every minute of my time. I also switched from Gnome to Openbox. I just took the whole customization thing and went to the extreme ;-). All in all, Arch ftw.

What OS do I use? Gentoo for sure
Why? As Tony the tiger would put it, "It's Grrrreat!"

Back on Linux after a long stint of using Vista on my main machine. I moved because development is a lot more fun on a unixey operating system and a putty session just wasn't cutting it. :-)

I have OS windows 7 ultmate. windows 8. lisence. :)

I have OS windows 7 ultmate. windows 8. lisence. :)