You can reactivate your dead antenna here’s what you need:

Software are all free:

- Softperfect Research Network Scanner

- Technitium MAC Address Changer v5

- all tools you need

here’s what you’ll do.
When you try to browse the internet you’ll be redirected to the SmartBro Portal right? If not you can open the antenna using the default
========== step 1 ============== or remove the password
========== step 2 ==============
other way around default of canopy users admin password admin / user root no password just click enter you are in now...
========== step 3 ==============
1. run the NETSCAN .
2. go to Options Menu then click on Program Options of NETSCAN.. shortcut ctrl-o.
3. Click Additional tab then check the Resolve MAC Addresses. click OK.
4. on the IP Range enter TO then click Start Scanning
5. it will display all the live IP addresses.
6. run the MAC Address Changer.
7. Select any live IP Address that was detected by NETSCAN.
8. use the MAC Address Changer to change your MAC address using the one you selected in NETSCAN.
9. change your ip address using the corresponding IP address of the MAC address you selected in NETSCAN.(note dont worry you can bring back the original mac address )
10. now disable your network adapter then enable it back.
11. Try to browse the got "FREE" activated internet now by smartbro
by the way … using NETSCAN you can view some shared folders and printers on some other smartbro subscribers…

Share the blessing - Moki!

(Updated version 2011)

Download the file to update the old canopy use the canopy updater
Link below How to upgrade your Smart Canopy and activate again the block canopy of Smart

Link below (file needed to upgrade)

Instruction for block canopy 2011 (update version)

1. Download wireshark (note 64 bit and 32 bit software is available )
2. Install it and run.
3. Click capture then start
4. If error msg box appeared "you didn’t specify an interface
on which to capture packets." click ok
5. Click capture and interfaces, again message box will appear again and click start
6. Try to focus on protocol and wait till "LLDP" appear
7. LLDP appear click capture stop,. there will be a mac esn like this 0a:00:3e:f6:23:80 omit the second and third esn so it goes like this 0a:f6:23:80 ignore ung 2nd and 3rd na esn number then convert sa calc to decimal (note use the cal of windows )
the result will be like this like ( live ip )
8 Change your ip address in your canopy to connect to the network .

ip address:
subnet mask:

Note use this
username: root
password: [ blank]


other option user and pass to use

username: sbro-installer
password: 1n$t@ll3r

Welcome to the world and share the blessing

Canopy Firmware (May 2012 additional update)

requested update of firmware good foe downgrade of upgrade see the link below...

Canopy Tools 2.2 Public Release
C25_fskboot.image for P11


^ This is no longer working due to SMARTBRO upgraded their Access PORTAL

I already tried it and 100% CONFIRMED NOT WORKING!!!



To all smart user

the new portal of smart can be by-pass by using the underground software and by using canopy updater


its still working?

update po pls..

meron po ako dsl plan 1995..

kaya po pinaputol ko smartbro ko..

kaso po gusto ko ulit mag apply kasi for some porposes..

hope matulungan mo ko..

yes it still working email me answer the following question...

1. where is your exact location?
2. did the canopy anthena still there
3. email me ill give you instrustion to download the software to by pass all portal
4. give the reason why they disconnected you


moki is a fed

Sir Moki, is this still working. please email me @ thanks

software to by pass the smartbro portal

Please help me to re-activate my canopy... They disconnected my canopy because i did not pay the monthly bill after two months because i was so furious of not telling me that they reduced the range of their signal during that time... I invested more that 30k for the tower mast and the canopy grid reflector... I was so pissed for what they did....

I hope you can help me re-activate my smartbro... thanx and more power...

My location is in lala, lanao del norte....

Pls help me to reactivate my 3 year old smartbro canopy and is disconnected over that period of time. Pls teach me the steps pls. Thank you.

bro, nid ur help in hacking/bypassing smartbro login page
my email is ur help is needed. TIA

pwede po ba makahingi ng tips ku papaano po buhayin tong smartbro canopy ko ..

location ko po d2 sa Madapdap Mabalacat Pampanga
Nandito pa po ung antenna ko d pa nagalaw

kakaputol lang po kahapon .. nagpunta ako sa smart office nila sa SM dapat po babayaran ko 490 lang pero meron ibang charges na nadagdag at kulang po pambayad ko .. kaya hinde na po muna ako nagbayad .. ngayun po gus2 ko bahayin ulit tong smart canopy ko ng walang bayad .. pwede po ba un?

Up paba ito? cause thread was posted 2009.

up pa ba to tell now? pa pm naman ng tut to reconnect my canopy.. need HELP.. sayang nakastock lang bigay ng friend ko.. thanks kung meron magheHELP..

pls help sir, can you email me @ "" the step by step procedure in cloning/hacking smartbro canopy, i just access a disconnected canopy which i bought in manila thru (it says Canopy 11.0.1 SM-DES, canopy boot 1.0 ,P11,etc.) and dont realy know the procedure and how to start, thanks and more power

gsto kona pa cut ung vanopy ko sana.. para maka sabay naman sa inyo ehehe... diko masayado alam pano mag clone sa canopy matututlungn mobako? tnx

Bukas poh disconnect na internet namin kasi poh tapos na 2 yrs. contract namin, pero hndi na poh namin pina renew due to financial insufficient pero gusto ko poh sana na maka pag internet using some tricks of hacks..
sana poh you can help me about it. Eto poh Email add. ko:

Bukas poh disconnect na internet namin kasi poh tapos na 2 yrs. contract namin, pero hndi na poh namin pina renew due to financial insufficient pero gusto ko poh sana na maka pag internet using some tricks of hacks..
sana poh you can help me about it. Eto poh Email add. ko:

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 9:04am - killerface1991

Bukas poh disconnect na internet namin kasi poh tapos na 2 yrs. contract namin, pero hndi na poh namin pina renew due to financial insufficient pero gusto ko poh sana na maka pag internet using some tricks of hacks..
sana poh you can help me about it. Eto poh Email add. ko:

sir.. is this working po? try ko n kc pero di pa din gumagana.. sna u can help me out. thank you po! yan po email ko. pls send po ung latest n instruction.. thank u uli in advance!

Bro, nid ur help in hacking smart bro canopy, I just got disconected last december,pero na sa akin pa ung canopy,I really need your help bro. Here's my email bro "". Thank you in advance bro and more power!

sir patulong naman po. hindi makadetect ng live ip ung netscan. nakapasok na po ako sa webpage ng canopy pero limited connectivity ang lan. tapos nung mag netscan ako walang lumalabas na ip address hanggang matapos ung scan

Sir I want your help step by step, im a loyal smartbro user for 7yrs and had no problem until last 2 months when they implement the fair usage policy. From that time my download speed was crippled to 150-200kbps from consistent and reliable 1.6mbps. Now I cant even used skype or cant load youtube. My internet is useless. I went to PLDT office for complaints several times, but they are not listening. Sir can you help me bring my speed back or at least make my connection usable again. My email

hello sir.... pede po ba ako maki join sa alyansa against smartbro canopy? pinag aaralan ko po ngayon kung papano yun ma bypass yun smartbro bro portal, pero di ko po makuha yun mga possible username at password... ok nmn yun service ng smartbro nun una s akin, pero nitong last 6 months nagbago, kinukulit ko po sila para magawan ng paraan yun mababang net na nakokonsumo ko, pero wala pa rin... kaya nitong last 2 months n bill di ko binayaran at pina disconnect ko na.. siguro fair nmn kung gumamit ako ng net nila ng di ko na babayaran, diba? sana mabigyan nyo pa ko ng idea para maging successful ang idea ko^^ thanks... My email,

Attn: Sir Moki ( and other best hacker out there

Good day,

I was able to identify the IP of my Smart BRO canopy partly with the help of this site and this ( After reaching the canopy web, it requires username and password. I tried all the UN and PW provided here and from other sites as well but to no avail. It prompted for an exceeded attempts. I tried to reconnect my internet by obtaining Automatic IP Address and presto, no problem was initially experienced. Due to eagerness of hacking the canopy, I tried to connect to canopy again and I retried several UN and PW but still not successful. This is now my problem: When I tried to reconnect my internet, the portal disallowed me to activate my internet and prompted me this error code B1046. I was thinking that my account has been blocked/ disabled. I tried reset, laptop reboot, direct connection and revert to router, and v.v. but still to no avail. I tried to check my canopy for any possible reset button but none was found. I restarted my router but still no progress.

I called the *1888 hotline and reported the case. We tried to perform again all my previous procedures but still to no avail. I was forced then to divulge the persistent error code B1046 on my portal which makes my "activation failed". I am thinking now that they might suspect me of canopy hack and might block my account permanently due to error code I have provided them. The agent referred the case to their support team and opted me to monitor the progress within 24 hrs.

The following day, I tried resetting again, virus scan, etc. and made single connection (w/o router) again. It led me to portal and presto, internet is UP at last! I was down for more than a day.

I am thinking now, was the error caused by CNUT (found in this site- ( or several failed login attempts on canopy web; hence, smart portal blocked my account. I STILL WANT TO HACK the CANOPY/ Smart Bro since my internet connection is terribly SLOW. Is there any advice from you on what is the valid/ active Username and PW of canopy, as well as any precautions to avoid the portal error again?

Thanks a lot.



Hi sir Moki and other geniuses out there!

This is my email add- Please email me so that I can reply/ give you my other required details, if necessary. I am located in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

Thanks in advance.

God bless for sharing your thoughts.

elow po sa mga master jan...ask lng po...working pa rn po ba ung cloning ngaun???newbie lng po...

Working pa po ba yan hack para sa mga smartbro user, if working pa paturo naman send lang sa e-mail ko ( ) Thanks in advance.

Pa help nmn po... I tried ma-clone ung Legit Canopy ko sa nakuha kong DC na Canopy.. Success nmn po ung ginawa ko sa cloning... nakaconnect ung DC.. pero ung Legit Canopy ko Na-Disconnect... anu po ba pweding gawin or solution dun? sna maka-help po kau...

I mean ung Disconnected na Canopy na nakuha ko.. nakaconnect using ung ESN at MAC ng Legit ko na Canopy.

Does anyone have any of the up to date firmware to flash with?