Hello all, i'm working on erebus levels right now, i did the first one and now i'm stuck on format string exploitation... i'm trying the level on my own box because of speed.

Am i supposed to overwrite .dtors section?
I think i did all the process the correct way but i'm not able to run my shellcode, i compiled the program with:

gcc -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=0 -fno-stack-protector -z execstack -o format_string format_string.c

and i have ALSR disabled...

The problem is i can't get my shellcode executed, do you have any suggestions on why it's happening? is there anyone i can mail that can help me learning this subject?

Sorry if the question seems a bit confused but i'm trying to do all my best to not spoiling the answer of the wargame...

For completion's sake, have you tried doing the level from Erebus box to rule out anything on your side?

Yes, i used the same procedure on erebus as on my own box...

Anyway, i'm trying to overwrite a 'particular' address with the one of my shellcode... am i on the right track?