I've been pondering over the idea of Hack3r Radio for a while now since I've heard the occasional mention of it in the past. My dream/goal/whatever for Hack3r radio is this:

24 hour radio including (say, 30 min) slots for:
o Music
o prerecorded lectures
o live DJs
o live lectures
(live DJs and lectures possibly able to skype/phone/whatever in?)

To get this up and running, I figure we will need:
o prerecorded lectures, preferably about 15-30 min, 60 min max
o someone(s) willing to DJ music live occasionally (say a 2-3 times a week)
o someone(s) willing to give live/interactive lectures occasionally (at least 1 live lecture per week to get started, not necessarily by the same person)
o someone to organize the playlist(s), DJs, lecturers, etc so that there is a general format/structure to when things are being played (read: not random)

This way we have a nice mix of work and play, always something to listen to, and presumably prerecorded lectures/whatever would be played 2-3 times a day so people in any timezone can hear lectures. (this means we only need, say, an 8 hour playlist/schedule minus live DJs and lectures which will override music/prerecorded lectures)

Give me your thoughts and if any of you have recorded lectures you would be willing to give us to play (not copyrighted, or copyrighted by you and giving your consent to us to do w/ them as we will) I would be very grateful.

Email any lectures/recordings/etc to aksnowman@hack3r.com for archiving and organizing.

If we do this, and we open it up to the public, we might face legal issues as far as music is concerned. If we play copyrighted music, we might need to pay royalties or face potential legal problems.

That said, I'm all for getting Truth Radio back up. I enjoyed it when it was around years back. I'd be more than willing to contribute lectures (probably spam my Hijack project some).

Ehm Guys. I do music for 10years now. if you need anyting audio based let me know. U could Provide liscense free music if you need something for the background or whatever.

I done several Compilations in the House/ChillOut area .
And we di Hip hop pretty strong in germany.

Or anything else in the Audio sector.

I would love anything ambient.

Well boys and girls its time for me to step out of the shadows where I normally dwell.
Seems there is going to be a radio station in the works and I get the odd feeling that doing a small segment would be fun, be that masochism or delusions I am not overly sure but still.

My idea for a segment is of course the tried and true letters, you write to me with a problem and I find the best possible solution to said problem. or suggest a horrible way for you to die either way it should be a lot of fun for all involved... it can also be perfectly anonymous in the event that your problem might be you know a little too personal for you to be able to face the /part of shame!

So there it is ill collect letters from an email address im soon to specify and help will be handed out with love compassion and the same medical degree as Dr Phil only with more hair, teeth and braincells.

So short version, think its a good idea or bad idea let me know id love to hear from you!