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For books, the best one I've found for binary exploitation is "Hacking: The Art of Exploitation" by Jon Erickson.

For physical entry, a good quality pick set (not the little jack-knife/etc pocket ones), and education + practice.

Beyond that, I'm working on building a few tools for teaching basics of various software things that may come in handy.

I'm definitely interested in everybody else's thoughts/favorites/etc!

I am new to hacking,so I am a complete novice despite my old age.I want to learn from scratch.Please I need someone to teach me the basics of hacking.
Yes I know it will be extremely difficult considering my lack of finance at the moment,I also believe that all things are possible in hacking world.

Hey Chika.Bright,
Do you have Linux experience? Many hacking tools run on Linux, although there are some Windows apps too. The reference to "backtrack" is a live Linux CD that you should take a look at.

Get an old laptop and install it, and start reading... a LOT. The best thing is to be patient, however at this stage I would be trying to get a good base knowledge on a lot of technologies.

Your best bet is probably to start by reading some networking books to get an idea of how a network operates. Once you understand that then the hacking tools you'll come across will make much more sense, whether they are designed to penetrate ethernet or wireless networks.



Adobe Flash was the standard in creating animated clips and videos in the early days of the web. Back in the good ‘ol days, it was a fan favorite for developers and designers alike, as it was very functional and easy to use. Cisco 300-075 Exam But as technology progressed, Flash did not. This made it a prime target for hackers who saw Flash as an easy entry point. In 2010, Steve Jobs announced that all upcoming iOS devices would not be supporting Flash, but it took the rest of the industry over five years (and countless hacks) to catch up.