Hi Everyone

I dont know if I can post this here or not, but hopefully i will get some answers.

This might be silly, but dont know who else to ask.

I think u all know facebook, and Zynga, and Texas Holdem.

So the question is the following, is there possibility to get into someones account on facebook.

I know it is not ethical, but the reason is following, i have been hacked several times, and i played poker for long time. :)

Zynga didnt do anything about it, and i am just pissed off.

So hoping to get response from any member regarding this.

I think u understand what the idea is.

It is certainly possible to get into someones account on facebook, although it would likely be very difficult and/or time consuming... There are many people here who could probably find some way to get into their account but they most likely won't because this is a teaching community and it is not worth their efforts to hack a site/entity that is large and already a big target just to help some random stranger with some dispute they can't seem to settle otherwise.

I'm sorry if this response is a little harsh, but I'm not in a great mood at the moment.

I want my chip multiply