Boredom produces cool things..
My new KDE/OSX mixture desktop :

Nice, dude. I really like that. What themes did you use? Can you write up how you did that? I'm really interested in doing that at home.

Yeah no problem, it's extremely easy to do :-)

KDE Panel
The KDE panel gets in the way of the OSX dock, and I couldn't find an easier way to get it to go up top other then to remove it completely(Right click panel -> remove panel), and add a new panel positioned at the top(right click desktop -> add panel, it should align itself to the top). The panel is empty, so you can add the Application Launcher widget and whatever you like by right clicking the panel, and choosing 'Add widget'. The Application Launcher is the first on the list. You can resize the panel by choosing the icon to the far right of the panel, and adjusting the <- -> bars accordingly, and decrease the height by holding down on 'Height' and moving it up or down. If the KDE panel is at a size you like(width-wise), you can click on the 'More settings' option on the pop down you just opened by clicking on the icon to the far right of the panel, from there you can choose it's positioning(Left - Center - Right), I chose 'Center'.

OSX dock
I used Avant Window Navigator(awn) to create the OSX dock at the bottom of my screen, you can configure it to auto hide when not in use, or for applications to sit on top of it like I do. It should definitely be available in your package manager, most likely as 'awn'. Once it's installed and running, you can start the awn manager(awn-manager) and choose for it to be started with KDE, by ticking 'Automatically start awn on login'.

The theme I use for awn is available at, you can install and apply the theme from the awn-manager, under the 'themes' section. Supply the compressed .tgz file and it'll do the rest for you. I've set my Icon effect to 'zoom', but there are some other cool effects there too.
I use the awn as a dock to browse through applications I've opened with krunner, but you can add applications to be launched from the dock too, all the options can be found in the manager. I would choose 'Maximized windows do not go over the bar' from the General tab, or to 'auto-hide when not in use'.

Some applications don't really work well with awn, like kopete, that seems to open KDE widgets to notify you that you've received a message, but you can't ignore, or view the messages, so you end up with widgets you can't close - nor can yah read your messages. I use pidgin instead now, works well.

OSX Window decoration
I use emerald to decorate my Windows like OSX, it should be available as 'emerald' in your package manager, and I used this emerald theme : emerald --replace will start emerald, and replace the KDE window decoration, you can apply the theme through 'emerald-theme-manager'

That's it, it's really simple to do, and you can adjust the settings until you feel like you have something that looks cool, and that you can use day-to-day.

thats great rpag, well done.

Thanks coeus, super easy to do, but it goes to show how easy it is to sex up KDE ;)

Now that's what I call a unique configuration. That'll put me in the mood while updating my resume and produce a follow-up on desktop mixing. Good job.