im a 17yo looking to gain experience in system security and computer techniques. is their anyone willing to help teach me or recommend any resources i could use?

Try the Sirens, under the games tab.

ive tried the Sirens game and connected using SSH, but im not sure what to do from their? i am willing to buy resources (books, cds, or for tutoring).

<-- 20$/hour live tutor

You should read the info.txt, Everyone else has been able to do it. Why cant you? We dont give out siler platters, nobody in this industry does. Try learning a few commands on linux or something, then reading the games.
Professor Sam Bowne is an excellent Instructor!!!
Just ask him!!!

rofl Jackal, I was taking a look at your professor's teaching material.
For extra credit, in the Ethical Hacking and Defense Class, you can do some challenges at HackThisSite.

Check this quote out from his assignment sheet:

Be warned: in this project, you will be learning real criminal techniques from real criminals. Do not reveal your real name or address, or trust these people.

zomg "these people" sound very nefarious!

Try the following:

1.H3C IRC and wargames as previously mentioned.

2. Check out python, and xHTML

3. Read as much as you can about something you find very interesting.

4. Check out a *nix distro!

lol, why xhtml? :-P

I barely remember making this post. I was really tired, but I think my thinking was so he could familiarize him self with what the internet is built on. He's not going to learn logical structures or OOP, but at least he can learn what makes a webpage. He can also put python and xhtml together and do some neat things.

Before you can take things apart and make them do what you want (i.e. hack), you have to know how things are done and how they work. Go forward before going backward

Check some university websites for class sequences and start from the bottom. Look up what each class teaches and what books they use. Maybe start with second year classes, first year (100 level) are usually basic intro/survey courses but they may be good if you havnt programmed yet.

I would start with hardware design using digital logic. There's nothing hard about it. From there move to CPU design. If you learn Assembly (the hard way) all other languanges will be cake. Buy a micro controller kit, program and make some circuits, or try the Intel Assembly Lang with GCC (never done it).

Learn some basic programming (hello world, if..then, loops) on whatever language (Perl, C/C++, Java) then go to Object Oriented Design, Data Structures (trees,stacks,queues,sorting) and Regular Expressions. Then get some general OS concepts and network concepts as well.

Somewhere in between all that get a project box up, use a Linux distro, it's an engineering standard. Dont dismiss Windows, but things are much less clear in Windows. Dont use a GUI (or only as backup), learn the hard way first.

Try to find applications for what you learn, it'll make things more interesting. Find some people at the same level as you are and who have similar goals.

If you can do all that, you woun't need to ask people where to go from there...but then I'd look at the "Smashing the stack for fun and profit" paper and maybe try to disassemble and "crack" some software.

Dont use short cuts to learn and stay away from the softcover books like "... for dumbied" and "Teach yourself in 24 hours".

Sorry for the grammar and spelling, dont feel like going through all that again.

If you need more help you can try to contact me here.

great advice rooster.

Rooster said:
Sorry for the grammar and spelling, don[']t feel like going through all that again.

You should be able to find a dictionary plugin for your browser.

PCI uses a parallel bus which is inferior in several ways to the serial bus used in PCIE, most interfaces in the PC have moved to serial busses because of the issues with clocking a parallel bus past a certain point. I don't know why they would want to keep moving on this old paradigm.


pci dss

Computers and hacking can be very vast for some one to take in all at once... try and stick with one topic... like C++ TCP/IP or Linux....

Where I started from was a reading torrent I got... Alot of the books are a little dated so check the dates but its very nice its and .RAR file Computers in a large torrent... The rest is extra if you want to read up on other stuff...

That's where i got started that was about two years ago.....

What is making war got to do with hacking? It's the complete opposite! The hippie philosophy is very close to the hacker nature. Learning how to kill people won't help you.