Hi guys,

I have just registered my self to play this game :)) a nice one. Anyway my question may sound a bit stupid. Shall I wait my account to be somehow activated so I can connect to the servers (erebus, erinys) or I should start figure out how to get access to them from sirens.roothack.org? Its kind of confusing.

Thanks for the replay :)


You can connect to the servers right away.


Read that page. It gives you all the information you need.

If you're still having trouble, let me know.

For instant answers, come into irc.hack3r.com

I access the gateway but I cant loggin to these servers. Is it a problem of my ID or I need to get sum access at the gateway first?

Thats part of the game,

What happens/ what do you see when you type, "ssh erinys"

its asking me for password. I suppose thats the way it should be and I have to find the password on my own ?

yeah, what do you see when its asking you for a password?

wargames@sirens:~$ ssh erinys
SSH - [RH] level1 /wh00t [RH]
wargames@erinys's password:
I have tried alot of combinations from what I see on that line but non of them worked ...so I suppose the password is not somewhere at that line , right?

Okay Im in... thanks a lot for the help :))

im already at level4 :D for no time, super good and fun game, thank you guys ! :D

can someone point me in the right direction please ive been researchin for a while and i unfortunately still do not understand what needs to be done. a hint would be greatly appreciated, thank you

im stuck there as well. help would be appreciated

What kind of help do you need? The sirens are up, i tested the login information, everything appears to be working.

there just doesn't appear to be a logical way to figure out the password for ssh erinys. perhaps there is something im overlooking..

U dont need to figure out the password. Its shown to you :)

bahumbug. Ive typed in everything that popped up, but no dice.

perhaps you should do some research on how ssh works

hi, i am new here i have setup everything like vpn and can ping some boxes at roothack.org\games\1 but i have problems acessing the gateway any help would be greatly appreciated..

menelik, there is no more gateway. Try ssh'ing into erinys.

So im new to the roothack scene. I have openvpn with the config file installed but when i go to login it times out and it wont let me login to vpn.roothack.com. Any solutions?