I think it's been suggested a few times before, but it's never happened.
Is anyone interested in a game of Nexuiz, it's a fast paced multi-player game that is similar to Quake. I think the game engine is a shoot off from Quake's game engine, anyway, who's in? I can host the server on a connection that should be able to handle 10-12 people, maybe more, I'm not sure. What is most suitable time for everyone if you'd like to play?

If people enjoy the game, it could be a regular event, I've got a dedi that I can use.
(Windows, Mac, Linux, all supported by the way)


http://www.alientrap.org/nexuiz/downloads.php ( Get 2.5.1 )

I downloaded this already with a few other FPS'ers... lets play asap man I'm serious I'm no good but I like to play.

add me on AIM: coket0 <----- that's a zero for stupid ppl (no implications here...)

I'll play if you toss a server up...

I will play if it isn't past my bed time. XD

So, what time is good for everybody? I was thinking.. 10 or 11PM UTC?