Just though since a lot of information needs to be pulled out of s0kket and I's heads, that we would start a Q&A thread.

So, ANY questions you have about the upcoming Team Games, ask right here.

I've had several people IM me about the following subject so I thought I would just put it in the forums.

For those who are wishing to play team games do not have enough team members, click on the "free agent" tab and nab a few players from there.

If you're not sure who to pick, get on irc talk to people and see who would best match your team goals.


Which skills / what skill level (if it is possible to meassure) is required to participate in the team games?

We welcome Everyone to join. If all of your team members combined can beat levels 1-20 on the sirens, you will be able to get a fair amount of points.

Are we going to have root/admin rights on our jump boxes or are we all sharing a single box?

Each team will have their own box, with root. Your box is Backtrack3

how to i play hacking games here or can you play hacking games pls answer back when you can becuase im new here and i just made a new account which i like so i want to play hacking game so any info which you can give me would help me.

Ill redirect you to here, http://roothack.org/games/

Team building games are not necessarily the best way to improve team morale and attitude if there are problems in these areas.

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