hello, i joined roothack and i tryed to connect to the sirens server but the connection keeps timing out. I searched google but i didn't find anything can someone help me with this please?

the sirens are down at the moment :(

When do you think it will be back up?

I'm not sure when they'll be back up, unfortunately... the motherboard of the box that was the firewall for it died, and there are a couple guys working on upgrading a few other things. S0kket is the one that'd be dealing with the firewall problem and he's been pretty busy lately, as far as I know.


Any news about when will the sirens be back online? Thanks

They should be back up in the next week or two, I've just got a few more things to do, but life is keeping me busy so I don't know when I'll get around to them.

Ok, thanks!

The Sirens are back up. Hack away! http: / / roothack. org/ games/ sirens Ask wargame questions in #roothack please
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