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Not really looking for any drupal help anymore :P

Im looking for a developer or two to help me out with Drupal related Tasks for hack3r.com/roothack.org

Things keep piling up that I want to do, and I have work, and there is just a lot.

First thing I want someone to do is very simple, add into the Roothack Teams module the ability to send mail, and subscribe to updates regarding team information.

If you feel like you are up for the task, drop a line here, and ill get you the SVN information.

Nobody? I promise you'll have fun :)

I'm currently familiarizing myself with Drupal but have got experience with other cms'ses like Joomla and Typo3...

If you still need help I'd gladly look into this.

x63x67 (at) gmail.com

Although I have no experience with Drupal, I have been using things like wordpress and coopermine for while. I may be able to lend a hand when required.

Would either of you send me an email asap so I can communicate with you on what I need help with. Ill definitely get you guys a t-shirt or something and a shout-out when its launched

Sure, where can i find your e-mail address?

I'd be up for helping out too. I've worked with wordpress and written a very simple blogging platform in php/mysql. I'd be up for doing research for h3c as well if that needs to be done.



Don't do that. It's fooling no one.
The new thing is rot13! xD