Every programmer forum gets a steady stream of novice questions about numbers not 'adding up.' Apart from repetitive explanations, SOP is to link to a paper by David Goldberg which, while very thorough, is not very accessible for novices. To alleviate this, The Floating-Point Guide, is a floating-point equivalent to Joel Spolsky's excellent introduction to Unicode.

It’s no secret that Web applications represent a big IT security risk for enterprises and other businesses these days. But what should technology professionals be watching out for when it comes to threats? This week the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) released its list of Top 10 Most Critical Web Application Security Risks, along with its recommendations for both tactical and strategic responses for the best defense.

"Ever wondered what was so bad about NULL pointer exceptions? An MIT Linux kernel programmer explains how to turn any NULL pointer into a root exploit on Linux. (There was also a previous installment about virtual memory and how to make NULL pointers benign.)"

check it out, interesting reading at: http://blog.ksplice.com/2010/04/exploiting-kernel-null-dereferences/

The next version of cAudio has been released. cAudio is an advanced C++ wrapper around OpenAL that makes it easier to put 3D audio into your games and other applications. This version is mainly a bug fix release, but we did add some new features as well. We also redid how we made our SDK packages, now the full source is included with all of them, saving you the hassle of finding and downloading a separate source package. We did this due to the large number of compiler defines available to customize cAudio.

I just wanted to let people know of some other things Ive been working on, you know, to get the word out there.

For the past year Ive been building a log file viewer specifically for OS X called survlog. You can find it here It handles local and remote log file viewing. Read more after the picture :)