Some people seem to be confused by what Roothack is so I wanted to start this post by explaining it a little bit. is hacker lab where we bring you multiple environments and levels that will teach you the basics of hacking, or exploitation if you will. We recently just facelifted the entire project and it is continuing to gain users weekly.

We plan to have some sort of changelog that is public facing very soon but that has not been a priority. We launched with the idea that we would make sure everything worked, then we would clean up, then we would get back to new features. For the past few weeks we have been polishing off the site and eliminating aspects that didnt matter, were useless or were boring. We've added a few underlying features that should ease the development process for new features on Roothack, and and honestly the best is yet to come.

As we bring these systems together the site may have some downtime but the VPN for and the IRC should stay online during these times, you just wont be able to read the forums or redeem your flags until that process is complete.

Were aiming to do these things within the next week or two but we will let you know when we get a little bit closer to that time.


Really great job!

I was expecting a little sample tutorials on how to use this. Its seems really dumb when all goes right but dont know what to do next.